British series involving teens, sex, drugs, partying, alcohol, debauchery and good fashion, going on their 3rd season (with a whole new 2nd generation cast). This shit is bananas.

Here are my favorites of the new generation cast (3rd season):

Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem.
This chick is absolutely amazing and out of her mind, played beautifully by Kaya Scodelario (she's only 16 years old, goddamn). Effy often wears her leather jacket, frequently abuses drugs, alcohol, sex, and lots of mascara/eyeshadow, yet still seems to have everyone revolve around her. She has that "I'm too cool to care" attitude and if she wasn't so badass, it'd seriously irritate me instead of making me adore her more.
Freddie Mclair.
Always on his skateboard (well in the opening of the first episode anyway, best opening ever btw), gorgeously cute, in love with Effy and played by Luke Pasqualino. He's cool and calm like a cat, but I won't lie...he's really just in my favorites cause of his looks for now. We'll see as the series progress.
James Cook.
OMFG. Played by Jack O'Connell and the absolutely BIGGEST douchebag/bastard/moron/jerk/loud/obnoxious/idiot/alpha fucking male on the planet. I absolutely hate hate HATE his personality. He's the one always pulling the crazy stunts that can get everyone in trouble (by let's say, british sports suit wearing wanksters), not caring about anyone but himself and the ONLY reason he's here is cause he always seems to be wearing something I like. Poo :(
Pronounced Toe-Mass and played by Merveille Lukeba. He's the sweet and naive immigrant from Congo who comes and gets the gang into helping him in his quest for money to send to his family back in the country. He's a sweet kid who'll attempt to befriend anyone he meets with a "Hell-o, my name is Toe-Mass."

And here are my two favorites from Season 1 & 2:
Cassie Ainsworth.
Played by Hannah Murray, her character Cassie seems to be always dazed, asking weird questions, anorexic, has a peculiar way of living, and remarkably always well-dressed in her quirky own way. I love her voice, her look, her simplistic way of seeing everything and her love for shiny things.
Tony Stonem.
Tony's like the guy at school who was named school president, "best dressed", "most likely to succeed", all the girls wanted him, super smart and you wished everyone would get over him already (but not really), and yet he'd still be able to pull off the craziest shit and get away with it. That's Nicholas Hoult's Tony Stonem, the charismatic leader of the gang. And yes, all the girls really do want to get in his pants.

Anyway, give it a shot. You can check out videostic.com or probably youtube the episodes.

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