Fresh. New. Start.

It's funny how people change, whether for best or worse.

How everyone seems to ADD a lot.

How I seem to ADD a lot, and feel the need to publicly write it somewhere on the internet for whomever to see.

How I feel bad that I haven't written on the blog for awhile, and yet not really cause I doubt anyone reads it.

Hi Diane! Welcome to your own world. Sweet.

I really wish I was able to write interesting posts like Diamond Wears Jewellery or A Word On a Wing, but it seems like I'm not able to write a single paragraph if it's not part of an essay due for school. Shit.

But what I can do, is post up songs to download, pretty pictures, and really fucked up links. So I'll be trying really hard to update this as much as possible and trying to figure out how to put up a mp3 player to stream songs.

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