"House music is my girlfriend. i love her so much that when i think about her, i can feel it in my chest and my stomach. a lot of people dont understand her, but its just cause shes on another level. i also hang out a lot with her crazy exchange student friend named techno and other times, ill hang out with her hairdresser friend named electro. they are all really cool girls and they do their thing without caring what anyone else thinks of them. sometimes this slut named rock music rolls up too. she always throws herself at me but shes a little too self-centered and tacky for me to get with her. her friends are all weird too, but i figure its just a faze they're going through. to be honest, ive slept with rock music a few times, but its not like i was gonna marry her or anything. i was dating this girl named rap off and on since 86, but it got stale recently and we had a falling out. shes still my best friend though. i go to her whenever im upset or lose track of my goals. around the same time, i had a huge crush on this girl named dancehall but i dont think she ever took me seriously. when i was younger, i was with this girl named punk for a few years. shes a pretty unreasonable person and i guess we just grew apart. not many relationships started that young actually last forever, ya know? i see her around sometimes and its like i dont even recognize her. she wears more makeup now and she put on a lot of weight. the first girl i ever kissed back in elementary school was this girl named blues. i was really young, but i guess she became my type... cause every girl since has looked a little bit like her in some way"

JFK of MSTRKRFT is playing friday, may 14th @ STUDIO JUSTE POUR RIRE. (info)

and my absolute faaaaaaavorite by MSTRKRFT:

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