Some litterature for you

It might surprise you, but I read books. (cue "Oooooh" and "Aaaaah")

My favorite would be a quintilogy (?) called The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. I've read the first two books and they've been great. What I've retained of the books so far:

A story about this motherfuckin' badass English-born Dane-raised man called Uhtred. The first book starts at his childhood and the series follows his life through epic battles, medieval treachery, and gold-finding viking riding awesomeness. What I like the most about these books is that it's straight up, there are no bullshit descriptions and no love romance story killers. Although the main character himself is fictional, the historical facts are real (yeah you're actually learning something).

I own the two first books (been looking for the rest for months now), but let me know if you want to read them, I'll gladly lend them to you and spread the viking love.

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