Osheaga review

Osheaga (day one):
My favorite performance was Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes.
Jade, oh Jade Castrinos is the cutest. She prances around bobbing her head in her pretty summer dress, like a kid Amélie Poulain with a strong and beautiful voice. She makes singing seem effortless and I'd definitely pay to see them again just for her. As for Alex Ebes (Alex Ebert), he's such a charismatic and interesting person (not that I know the guy personally...yet c:). He even got up close and personal with the crowd, crossing the stage gates and chatting with the excited crowd around him. Wish I had been in the front, it was apparently siiiiick. When they played "Home" at the very end, I think it made osheags worth it all for me c:

Still had a blast listening to Arcade Fire. Great show, fell in love with mister and missus Win Butler and Régine Chassagne. Thought the crowd was going to be more energetic (read trash bashing/want to die for arcade/lets mosh this shit), but they ended up being chill clappers and singer alongs. Other than that saw lots of good bands, but was kind of disappointed with Stars. They played a lot of their new stuff including "Wasted Daylight" (though live, Amy Millan's voice was cracking while performing it :s). Dunno, was just not that overall impressed.

Bands I discovered:
Owen Pallett
(formerly Final Fantasy) is a one man army. Singer, keyboardist, violinist. He's amazing (and performed later that night with Arcade Fire!). Kind of reminds me of Andrew Bird.
The National had such a strong performance. So much intensity into his voice, he was great to see.
Beach House's music is great. I'd probably listen to this before I go to sleep though. Best part of this show was the Edward Sharpe & crew were chilling on a staff tower in front of the stage above us, listening to Beach House C:
Marie-Pierre Arthur is a local French singer and I enjoyed listening to her sulky voice and melodic songs.

Oh and they didn't let me bring in my cam, so no pictures :c
I'll smuggle it in next year haha.

osheaga (day two):
couldn't go finally lol :s

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